A simple and straightforward watermark for OSX

Specify an image for watermark

To add an image as watermark click on the button on the Watermark sidebar option.

Specify a position

Select where you want to place your watermark:

  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Top Right
  • Top Left

You can also specify the location in Pixel or in Percent relative to the watermark's placement above.

Add images to be watermarked

To add images to be watermarked, select the Sources sidebar option and click the button to select multiple images.
To read all the images inside a folder,
check the " Images from folder" checkbox.

Apply the watermark

Apply the watermark by clicking the Apply button on the toolbar
The activity bar will present you with progressbar indicator. If process is complete, Simplemarker will open the finder window containing the images with watermark.

Sample output

A sample watermark placed at the top right corner with 0pixel X and Y coordinates.